Olivia Aguiar is an emerging artist born, raised and working in Tkaronto. She uses her artistic practice to deal with eco and technological anxieties, to make tangible her entanglements in an increasingly intangible world. Central to her work is the abandoned fishing net or the "ghost net," a precarious structure that acts as a mobile home to some sea organisms but a snare to others. Through painting, digital and craft mediums, Olivia dissects and intertwines her body amongst digital and underwater motifs to meditate on the ghost net as a metaphor for the violence and refuge implicit in digital corporeality. Olivia is in her final year at OCAD University, acquiring her BFA in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Gender and Sexuality. 

             A big corporation put nets in the ocean to collect commodities, but now as participators of the Internet, we're caught in them instead. We exist now as images, silicone and flesh caught in a web of jpegs, plastic and sea junk. Our only option is to accept our inseparability, no more fighting net-being. 

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