Olivia Aguiar (born, raised, working in Tkaronto), is an emerging artist consumed by the over-availability of information online. Through painting, digital and craft mediums, Olivia's practice aims to negate the societally constructed borders between digital and fleshy life, to reconstruct contemporary experience as entangled with digital being. In her work, Olivia places bodies between underwater and digital spaces to explore the ghost net (abandoned fishing net) as a structure with the potential to metaphorize the muddiness of digital-corporeal existence. Olivia is currently attending OCAD University, acquiring her BFA in Drawing and Painting, with minors in Gender and Sexuality and Creative Writing. Olivia is set to begin an artist collaboration with the Archives of Ontario in 2022 and was recently published in the 2021 issue of the OCADU Arts & Science Review. 

             A big corporation put nets in the ocean to collect commodities, but now as participators of the Internet, we're caught in them instead. We exist now as images, silicone and flesh caught in a web of jpegs, plastic and sea junk. Our only option is to accept our inseparability, no more fighting net-being. 

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